Hospital Information System (HIS) A suitable Healthcare software that compliments the hospital workflow is a pressing need of any healthcare institution. HIS(Health Information system) is no longer a solution to keep the records intact but is the backbone of healthcare industry. Now, Health information is not just confined to single institution but is spread across the institutions to form national/international EHR(Electronic health records).

How Affinity Helps

Affinity HospitalERP System is a comprehensive solution that automates the healthcare functionalities and thereby leading to.

  • Improved quality of patient care.
  • Improved operational effectiveness.
  • Cost reductions.

The HospitalERP application is a patient-centric platform, which has the functionality to handle various types of patients: in-patients, outpatients, accidents and emergencies, day care and referred patients.

User Access

Affinity systems are secured based on the user roles. The authenticated users can access the authorized modules and perform the authorized processes. Within AffinityhospitalERP, it is single sign-on which means a logged in user can access all the modules available for him/her within the same session.

Simple and easy to use software

Innovative GUI which is designed by following real life practices of Health Professionals. No missing functionalities and no extra processes which makes the product and its usage simple and efficient. Software adapts to your operational environment. AffinityhospitalERP can lead you to a near paperless environment.

Our Core Modules

Front Office/Reception/Billing

  • Pre-booked patient list.
  • New Patient Registration.
  • Highly scalable Patient search mechanism.
  • Barcode printing of patient label.
  • Activation/Inactivation of patient file (MRD function).

Insurance Registration and Management

  • Facility to record insurance/corporate and related credentials.
  • According to the insurance credentials like co. payment, deduction % etc. system calculates the billing tariff.
  • Multiple policy registration for a patient.

Practice Management/Clinical Workbench

  • Clinical encounter (Marks the beginning of the consultation, required modifications can be done on visit details).
  • ICD 10 & SOAP based notes.
  • CPOE(Prescription/Lab/Radiology/Procedure Ordering ).
  • Profile based orderings for lab/radiology investigations and medications.

Inpatient Modules

  • Inpatient/Nursing Desk
  • Ward Admission
  • Ward discharge
  • Automated Discharge Summary


  • Patient Consumption entry
  • Emergency Triage module
  • Nursing Kardex recording module
  • Medicine Administration

Surgery Scheduling And Surgery Notes Capturing

  • Elective/Emergency Surgery Scheduling
  • Checklist based standard surgery work flow
  • Template based surgery notes entry
  • Pre Anesthesia, Post Anesthesia Instructions

Pharmacy, Procurement & Inventory

  • Purchase Requisitions,Purchase Order etc.
  • Item Group wise, Batch wise, Location wise Inventory management
  • Multiple Stores/Sub Stores and Stock Locations

RIS - Radiology Information System

  • Radiology Reception
  • Work list, processing and reporting
  • Template based report preparation
  • Result Releasing

Financial Accounting

  • Bank Payment Voucher
  • Bank Receipt Voucher
  • Cash Payment Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Sale Voucher, Credit Note & Debit Note

LIS - Laboratory Information System

  • Work list, processing and reporting
  • Quality control
  • Barcode - generation, printing and reading
  • In-built bi-directional interfaces with equipment

Basic Human Resource Record System

  • Personal details
  • Allowance marking
  • Documents and expiry/reminder
  • Qualification , Training & Experience
  • Payroll

Asset Management And Maintenance Module

Asset management system tracks the inventory, movements and maintenance activities of equipments and give a clear picture of equipment life cycle. Automates maintenance department wise support call registration and its follow ups

  • Asset Register.
  • Breakdown Maintenance Management
  • Planned Preventive maintenance