Queue Management System (QMS) A solution to manage and streamline queues in order to improve customer waiting periods and staff productivity. Affinity info Solutions has innovative products which help make public areas more accessible but also to solve queue congestion problems.

Key solutions to fit your needs

Our Queuing Managment system focus on the end of long queues via a digital signage screen, making it easy for customers to see when the next counter is available and where to go.

On the other hand is ticket based solution allowing you to host your customers in a more personalized way. The solution allows for various data capturing functionalities and management functions, enabling staff to align themselves with the specific needs of the clients in real time.

How it Works?

Queue Flow

As a customer walks into your branch we have it all mapped out for you. With advanced technological solutions, we help businesses to interact with customers at every touch point they will receive a ticket from the ticket dispensing kiosk with a number on, based on the type of transaction or service required. They can then be seated in a waiting area or hosted environment and called according to their ticket number. The identification of the customer’s needs as soon as they arrive and optimizes the management of your branch.Affinity QMS is highly customizable to suite the workflow defined by the customer.

Improve Staff Productivity

Queue Management Solution can improve your staff productivity as they can be better organised according to their skill set, and they have more time to focus on the customer's needs than managing queue flows.

Secure and Managed

Our Queuing Managment System works on its own frequency, making it secure with no other interference. We manage the system offering daily, weekly and monthly reports as and when you need it.

Display Information and constantly monitor your queue

The system can be monitored by a admin in the back office, being able to redirect and manage the queues as necessary. The system can also be combined with a digital signage system.


  • Customised Solution to suite complex workflows.
  • Single token for multiple services.
  • Centralised Management.
  • Multilingual (English and Local language) support.
  • Real time Statistical reports.
  • Easy to use software and hardware.
  • Integrated digital signage.
  • Easy maintenance and installation.